Campeche, Mexico

On the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, and the western side of the Yucatan Peninsula, lies the capital city of the State of Campeche, Campeche the city. It is another UNESCO World Heritage site. The city was originally founded around 1540 by the Spanish. It’s a lovely colonial city and I’m so glad it happened to work out that I could spend a day wandering here.
Bike Trip Chetumal 376
The old portion of the city is surrounded by a fortress wall and the blocks within the walls are filled with shoulder-to-shoulder buildings painted in beautifully soft pastel shades. Many of the blocks have interior courtyards with fountains and shade. It’s April when I visit and already the sun is intense and the streets get hot early in the day.
Bike Trip Chetumal 377
Calle 59 is a walking street and there are sculptures placed along the street between the boutique shops and cafes.
Bike Trip Chetumal 382
I enter the old part of town near the Sea Gate, the main gate through which citizens used to enter the old city, although the gate itself and a big section of wall are closed for repairs. I wander through to the other side of the old city to the inland gate and get to see some of the old fort there.
Bike Trip Chetumal 393
Bike Trip Chetumal 392
As is true with nearly all Mexican cities, the largest cathedral is located in the center of the city on a plaza. There is a service going on so I don’t go inside.
Bike Trip Chetumal 398
Bike Trip Chetumal 402
Bike Trip Chetumal 403
I wander over to check out the “ex” Temple but find it closed.
Bike Trip Chetumal 415
And then out to the malecon to walk along the seafront. It’s over 100 today so I decide not to walk all the way back to the hotel. A taxi sounds much better. I’m baking in this sun and am continuing on south toward the jungle…yikes.
Bike Trip Chetumal 416

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