Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal is one of the largest archaeological sites of the Mayan World. It’s just over the border from Belize and we ride to Tikal National Park on the same day we cross the border. We plan to camp inside the Park at the Jaguar Inn and get our money’s worth as the entry fees are a bit steep. It costs 150 GTQ ($20 USD) per day per person to get into the park, and then we pay an additional 100 GTQ ($14USD) per person per day to get into the ruins themselves which are about 20 miles into the interior. There aren’t many options as far as cafes or places to stay and prices are set at a tourist level, which means expensive compared to what I’ve been used to in some other places. So much for the budget. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site though and it’s a must see, so here we are.
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 095
We decide to stay two nights since it’s late the day we arrive and opt to take both a guided sunset hike and a guided sunrise hike the following morning which means a very short night in between. Cesar, our guide from the Jaguar Inn, is incredible. He points out all sorts of wildlife along the way. We see spider monkeys on the evening walk and hear howler monkeys in the distance.
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 150
We see a few toucans in the trees.
And some new animals for me – a cousin of the raccoon and a big rodent.
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 385
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 462
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 226
He explains how the temples were constructed using locally quarried limestone and a mortar made of ground stone (quick lime) and rubber tree sap. The gum was harvested here in the 1800s and that led to the discovery of Tikal in 1848. You can still see the slash marks in some of the trees, scars from the harvest process.
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 277
We hike to Temple 5 this evening and later come out at the Gran Plaza and hike above the northern plaza to watch the sunset near Temple 4, the one shown in a Star Wars sequel.
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 198
The view from Temple 2 of Temple 1 is incredible.
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 240
Tikal is enormous, covering acres and acres of jungle. There is a small scale model at the visitor center that shows what they have uncovered so far, but that’s only a small fraction of what they think is here.
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 446
Both days we wander through various complexes of the grounds…
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 234
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 284
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 335
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 317
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 369
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 372
Ok, “they” nailed it with this one…Tikal is definitely a “must see”.

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