Riding El Salvador’s Pacific Coast Highway

At San Julian in the west of El Salvador we turn east on Central America 2W and then a bit further down the coast turn onto CA 2 to ride the coastal road to La Libertad. Trish Cotton added it to a list of suggested sights for Central America back in February and now I am finally here.
Bike Trip Santa Ana 173
It’s the first time I’ve been back at the Pacific since Mexico and it’s as deep blue as ever.
Bike Trip Santa Ana 168
There are 5 tunnels on this stretch of road, which takes less than an hour to ride. One tunnel is 577 somethings long (I’m not sure if its feet or meters, but assume it’s meters). Unlike tunnels back in the states, there is no lighting inside at all except what you bring with you. Unfortunately, all the dash lights on my bike are burned out and my headlamp is really dim since my bike is filthy. So the tunnel seems very, very, very black and dark and long. There is one lane going each way and occasionally rocks and/or water are on the road surface inside.
Bike Trip Santa Ana 181
The road follows the shoreline and ducks in at coves and back out at points where I am treated to a beautiful view of the coast and surf.
Bike Trip Santa Ana 186
Road signs warn drivers to watch out for “surfistas”. That’s a new one…kind of like fashionistas but with bigger accessories.
Bike Trip Santa Ana 189
About 1/2 way through the ride two guys on big shiny BMWs blast past me and wave as they go into another tunnel. They see Brian pulled over up ahead and stop to say hello. They invite us to have a drink with them at a famous seaside bar/restaurant up the road, Beto’s. My friend, Roxana, from Guatemala had mentioned this place too. Such a small world sometimes!
Bike Trip Santa Ana 199
Brian and I enjoyed getting to meet the two riders from San Salvador, Javier and Hugo, who were out on a lunchtime ride when they ran across us. Thanks so much, Javier and Hugo, for your wonderful hospitality. Javier (and Roxana) were right…the view from Beto’s was incredible and the food was spectacular!
Bike Trip Santa Ana 192
And thank you Trish for suggesting the road, it was divine.
Bike Trip Santa Ana 216

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  1. Michelle and Brian it was a pleasure……..ride on!!!!!

  2. Michelle and Brian, I am glad the adventure is going well. it was a pleasure. Hopefully we will meet I’m Argentina!!!! Keep riding!!! Un abrazo

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