Cerro Verde National Park – El Salvador

Bike Trip Copan 088
Cerro Verde National Park is located in the western end of El Salvador and is home to Volcano Santa Ana and Volcano Izalco.
Bike Trip Copan 092
I’m hoping to hike up the rim of Santa Ana while I’m here, but on the day we ride in I’m not feeling that well, so a view from the top and the twisty ride in will have to be enough. We’ve come up the RN 10S which is a narrower country lane of sorts. As we turn north on it from Highway 8 we pass two police officers. Brian gets past as one waves for him to stop but the officer realizes Brian probably didn’t see him, so he let’s him go. And instead he waves at me and asks me to stop. He wants to see my bike import documents and I hand them over and try to make my best turista small talk. I smile, although it’s inside my helmet which doesn’t do much good, and must all my Spanish to understand and answer their questions. No I don’t have any food on my bike. Yes, this is all camping gear – tent, sleeping bag, stove, clothes, etc. And after a couple of minutes we are off again. The road climbs higher as we ride the up the side of a volcano.

Izalco is partly shrouded in clouds today and it’s beautiful.
Bike Trip Copan 065
I didn’t get a good shot of Santa Ana up close because I was on the shoulders of this volcano at the visitor parking area, so I’m glad I got a good view of it on the road coming in.
Bike Trip Copan 093
I see another volcano hiding Santa Ana but don’t know its name.

On the way up the zig zaggy road that dead ends in the park we stop for a view of lake Coatepeque below. It’s a popular place for people to vacation and locals to come on the weekends.
Bike Trip Copan 079
Bike Trip Copan 103

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