A day of riding in El Salvador, and a stop at Joya de Ceren

The following are pics I took while riding around El Salvador one day in mid-May.  El Salvador is a very agricultural country. Cattle and horses are often staked out in ditches and sometimes graze all over, including along highways. Crops (coffee beans, maize, etc.) are seen drying in the sun on the shoulders of the roads.

Beautiful country….

Bike Trip Santa Ana 145
Bike Trip Santa Ana 147
Bike Trip Santa Ana 292
Bike Trip Santa Ana 297
Bike Trip Santa Ana 300
Bike Trip Santa Ana 311
Bike Trip Santa Ana 324
Bike Trip Santa Ana 326
Bike Trip Santa Ana 327
Bike Trip Santa Ana 344
Bike Trip Santa Ana 339

We stopped at the only UNESCO World Heritage site in the country, Joya de Ceren. It was a typical Mayan village that had been buried under ash during the eruption of a nearby volcano on two different occasions, the last about 1600 years ago.
Bike Trip Copan 024
Most of the buildings/digs are covered with metal roofs to protect the exposed areas from the heavy rains which will be starting any day.
Bike Trip Copan 028
There are about 10-11 buildings unearthed so far. You can see the walls of the buildings and the many, many layers of ash and soil layered over them by the eruption.
Bike Trip Copan 032
One of the buildings was a home, another a small storage building, another belonged to a shaman.
Bike Trip Copan 049
There is a recreation of a stoned dome-covered hut which was used as a steam room for purification.
Bike Trip Copan 043

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