Riding through Honduras

After spending a day at the ruins, and two nights in the small town of Copan Ruinas enjoying the local restaurants and beer, it’s time to move on toward the southern border. We plan to head east and a bit north along the main highway and then ride south through the center of Honduras and stop for the night in Comayagua.
Bike Trip Copan 231
Bike Trip Copan 235
That’s a lot of time on two-lane asphalt roads, but we’re hoping to get across and into Nicaragua to do some work on the bikes. We have now booked places for us and our bikes on the Stahlratte to cross over to Columbia, which means no more lollygagging around Central America. Brian isn’t a fan of deadlines, and I can see why. I really prefer the flexibility so if I am enjoying a place, or hear of a “must see” I can stay longer if we like or change our route.
Bike Trip Choluteca 003
Bike Trip Choluteca 018
I’d love to get out to the islands – Utila, Roatan, etc. – and do some diving, but that will have to wait for another time. So we aim for Comayagua. And somehow (read as gps map leading us astray) we wind up on a back road heading for a small village of the same name, instead of the big city we planned to get to. I have a strange road story now because of this detour, and can highly recommend NOT going to San Jose de Comayagua.
Bike Trip Choluteca 026
After a VERY speedy exit from this place we hot-footed it back to the highway and on to the real Comayagua for the night. And then on to Tegucigalpa the next day where we skirted the town on a section of the new bypass that is being constructed.
Bike Trip Choluteca 041
And on we go toward Choluteca, our next destination before crossing into Nicaragua the next day. We stop along the mountain top road for a break and enjoy the view.
Bike Trip Leon 001
Bike Trip Leon 002

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  1. yo dude,
    when do you plan to be in Ecuador? I’ll be headed from Ecuador then on into Bolivia soon. maybe we’ll see each other on the road ?

    enjoy the ride !

  2. ah.. email me here. easiest way to get in contact with me.

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