Riding from Honduras to Nicaragua

After leaving Choluteca early, I ride just under an hour to get to the border station at Guasaule. It’s a bright and clear day, and it’s going to be hot. I could feel an immediate difference in the air temperature as we descended from the mountains yesterday. We are near the Pacific Coast again now and it’s baking hot.

We ride first to the Migracion and Aduana for the Honduras side to exit the country. There are fixers here, offering help with the process for a fee. If you choose to work with one you should establish a price first. But we won’t be using one today. There are also a lot of boys asking for money if they watch your bike/car for you. I have my duffel bag in a Pacsafe and take anything that’s loose with me, so I don’t plan to use one. But in the end I wind up hiring these two boys, one for each bike and give them a dollar which they seem pretty excited about.
Bike Trip Leon 019
Migracion first…
Bike Trip Leon 014
Then more paperwork.
Bike Trip Leon 015
After finishing with the out-processing, we ride up the road and over the river to Nicaragua and stop at a small blue shack to show that we are legally out of Honduras.
Bike Trip Leon 023
Bike Trip Leon 026
He let’s us through and we get in line, right on the roadway, to have the bieks fumigated for $3 USD each before being allowed in. We are told to get away from the bikes while they spray. I can only imagine what kind of poison they are putting on my bike.
Bike Trip Leon 028
Young boys start to swarm around us, hoping for some work. One kid takes charge in his own way and leads us through even though we refuse several times. He is Miguel and actually does a great job helping us through since the order of processing is a little different here. We go into the Migracion/Aduana building and stop for our insurance first at the small booth out front. We pay $12 USD for each bike.
Bike Trip Leon 032
Then we go to the Aduana window first to process the bikes into Nicaragua. We have to present the usual – passport, title/registration, drivers license – but instead of needing to have photocopies in hand, Nicaragua uses scanners to make copies for themselves. Go Nicaragua!
Bike Trip Leon 034
Miguel (the heavier of the two kids) hangs out and leads us around just an official tour guide. He doesn’t speak any English but he isn’t intimidated at all. This kid makes me laugh and he impresses me. His friend, whose name I don’t remember, keeps getting me to feel his forehead and neck. He explains he has a fever and Miguel says he thinks it’s Dengue Fever.
Bike Trip Leon 035
Then it’s on to Migracion to pay another $12 USD each to get our tourist entry card and stamp.
Bike Trip Leon 036
Brian teaches Miguel and his sidekick the trick that my Dad used to pull on my nephew, McKinnon, where you supposedly have a finger that comes apart…it cracks them up.
Bike Trip Leon 037
We pay them a few bucks just because…and yes, I know that just reinforces the harassment that future crossers face. But I’m a believe in paying the kids for work rather than giving handouts and these kids were great. Then off get our papers reviewed before we are officially allowed into Nicaragua.
Bike Trip Leon 039
And now…we ride!

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  1. Wow, You’re amazing! Best of luck from a fellow motorcycle adventurer.
    – Laura

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