Leon, Nicaragua

Bike Trip Leon 305
Leon is known for it’s cathedral, a fairly new UNESCO addition, and the numbers of backpackers who flock here. It’s hot nearly year round, but thankfully the beach is only about a 15-minute drive away. Brian and I stay with Jergen and Ellie of http://www.bike-nicaragua.com while we are here. They rent bikes, can take you on tours (off-road or on), teach Spanish, and take in weary travelers from time to time and they are incredibly nice people. On our first day there, they take us out to Playa Las Penitas where we relax with a beer and some fresh fish on the beach and enjoy the lightning show.
Bike Trip Leon 081
We wander through the city of Leon on another day and enjoy some local food for lunch.
Bike Trip Leon 322
The plaza surrounding the cathedral is beautiful and locals relax on benches while kids play soccer and other games.
Bike Trip Leon 478
Bike Trip Leon 312
Bike Trip Leon 316
Bike Trip Leon 483
The city has several murals on the walls, many showing military scenes and heroes from the revolution.
Bike Trip Leon 302
Bike Trip Leon 304
This is another colonial city and there are lots of churches, cobblestoned streets and long low building facades.
Bike Trip Leon 318

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