Las Penitas, Nicaragua

Jen is coming to see me!!! Can’t seem to get the capital letters big enough in this one to express how excited I am. I’ve been missing her and home and I get choked up at the thought of getting a hug from my beautiful friend. Hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since I last saw her…where does the time go? Wait, I guess I already know…it went with me to Canada, the eastern U.S. and to Mexico and beyond.

She brings parts for both mine and Brian’s bikes, and goodies for my toiletry bag, a shiny and sparkly new guardian bell, and most off all her beautiful spirit. She smothers me in hugs and spoils me with treating me to a massage and a fancy lunch where she orders dessert first for us to share. That’s my friend, “life is short, eat dessert first” kind of girl, and it’s one of the many reasons I love her. We get to spend a few days together in Leon and then go out to Las Penitas to have drinks at a beach bar, wiggle our toes in the sand, and just enjoy each others company and catch up. Girl time is the best kind of time.

She helps me confirm that I actually have LESS gray hairs than when I left home. I’ve seriously noticed a difference, but it can’t work that way can it? That speaks volumes about the stress-fest I left behind in my job and how much better I feel physically and emotionally. I’ve not worn makeup more than a half dozen times in 11 months, something I cannot have imagined before. I look plain and pale in most of my photos and I know a little mascara and lip gloss would do me wonders, but I’m going au natural and roughing it.

We paint our nails, and hunt for seashells. She body surfs while I sit in the warm breeze and spell Nicaragua out on the sand in shells and stones…but I get lazy and stop at Nica. We have local beer, go with friends to listen to an incredible local band, and have fresh fruit smoothies in the morn. We make the most of our time, as we always should.

Hasta luego, mi amiga. I love you.

Special note below….
Bike Trip Arenal 012
Bike Trip Arenal 004
Bike Trip Arenal 016
Bike Trip Arenal 023Bike Trip Arenal 025
Bike Trip Leon 091
Bike Trip Leon 084
Note – The day this post is published, hopefully will be my one-year anniversary of being on the road. It’s hard to imagine, and was harder to imagine back when I was at home and in my job. It’s been an incredible year, filled with some average days and some real highs. So many incredible places, and most of all, so many incredible people. I’ve made some friendships that I really believe will last a lifetime. Feeling blessed…

Here’s to all the other riders who have been out here, who are contemplating getting out here and who are out here now – my brethren. Wishing you all safe and happy riding.

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  1. Hey, enjoyed this post. Hope you and your friend had a blast!! Congrats on your year on the road. I could only dream of doing something like that. Glad you’re living the dream……

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