Masaya Volcano and Granada, Nicaragua

We leave Leon on a Monday morning, bound for Granada.  There are three of us today as we have added a new member to our loosely defined gang of two. Shannon is from Victoria, BC and has come to Nicaragua, all by herself, to take some Spanish lessons from Eli and rent a bike from Juergen ( and ride around to see the country. I’m so impressed by her courage and independence, and she’s a hoot besides, so she is good company.

Brian leads us through and around Managua and then on to Volcan Masaya and we turn off the highway and into the park to ride up to the top. We run into a couple from Canada traveling on a bike as well. The dreadlocked-blonde and her boyfriend paid $1800 for the old cruiser and left home for a warmer climate. They plan to turn around and head back fairly soon. Shannon takes a ride on a pony up to the top while I walk over to check out the Santiago Pit Crater that is spewing tons of smelly toxic gas into the atmosphere. Someone really should tell Mother Nature about the acid rain this causes.
Bike Trip Arenal 042
Bike Trip Arenal 044
Bike Trip Arenal 059
Then back down we go to the plains of Nicaragua below. Everything is so dry here. I hope for the peoples, and moreso for the animals sakes, that rainy season comes soon. Everything is starving here, except their spirits. Maybe I’m just fresh from a night of acoustic guitar folk music in a Leon bar, but these people are passionate and strong.
Bike Trip Arenal 065
And on to Granada…
Bike Trip Arenal 077
With it’s large churches and lovely town square…
Bike Trip Arenal 088
Bike Trip Arenal 081
It’s horse-drawn carriages withy tiny, tired and thin work horses….

And some lovely colonial streets and other that are run down. Ruins of a large building on the city’s edge near Charly’s Place catch my eye. It’s lovely in a sad way.
Bike Trip Arenal 067
We wander down the touristy calle toward the lake but turn back after making it only halfway. The bugs are bad tonight. So off to bed and on to Lake Nicaragua tomorrow.

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  1. I love how you’re picking up more travelers. Pick up a few more and you’ll have a traveling caravan.

  2. Hey, have a question about your bike. I have been looking at these and considering a dual sport. What is a good cruising speed for these on a highway. How do they handle 70 – 75mph for long distances. Also, what year is the bike?

    • So sorry for taking so long to respond. My internet is pretty poor right now, so if my previous reply came thru u get double the fun, lol. My bike is a 2011 KLR650 and it runs, fully loaded with Jesse luggage and a top bag and tank bag, at about 65-70 on the highway/interstate comfortably but I try to use two lane roads with slower speed limits and hopefully less traffic so don’t often have it running that high. Also my boyfriend changed my front sprocket went up a single tooth to a 16 tooth front sprocket which gave me a bit more (tiny amount but enough) in the top range, robbing it from the lower end. At 70 on level roads I’m running 4000 revs vs. 4500 before that change since I didn’t like to run it that high for steady periods of time. Hope that helps.

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