Costa Rica

We ride south into the country on the Central American Highway and after only a few miles, Brian turns left/east to lead us around all the construction ahead. He chooses a great route today which leads us to Upala and then back down to Canas before turning northeast again to head toward Nueva Arenal which we get to via the “new road” (which is beautiful blacktop English country lane style for a few miles before it changes to steep-rocky-downhill-slide-style road until it comes back to the highway). We make it to town and spend a couple of nights before heading around the lake and south toward San Jose and across the country and toward the coast. Each country seems to get greener and more overgrown, and Costa Rica even more so…especially after the overgrazed drought-ridden lands of Nicaragua.
Bike Trip Golfito 002
The tall grasses at the side of the road are somewhere between 6 and 20 feet high in places. It’s like nothing I have ever seen before. Each tree is covered in vines too….it’s the real thing…jungle.
Bike Trip Golfito 019
The land is groomed and clean here. There is very little trash, and properties are mowed, fenced, cut into fields for crops and pastures and hedges grow between these plots.
Bike Trip Golfito 032
Bike Trip Golfito 034
Banana trees, Mango trees, Avocado trees…..
Bike Trip Golfito 039
Date Palms, Coconut Palms….
Bike Trip Golfito 086
We ride toward the coast and plan to stay in a small town near the beach, Golfito, before we cross into Panama in a day or two. The road heads to the water, winding all the way….
Bike Trip Golfito 041
…and then we follow it south along the coast.
Bike Trip Golfito 054
Most of the river crossing (and there are a lot of them in Costa Rica) are done over small one-lane bridges that both directions of travel have to share. So I’m watching for Puente Angosto signs that warn of the narrowing road.
Bike Trip Golfito 042
Bike Trip Golfito 044
When we get settled into Golfito for the night, we unload and park the bikes just as a heavy “rainy season shower” begins….
Bike Trip Golfito 093
It’s especially pretty from inside the room….much better than from inside my helmet while riding.

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  1. Costa Rica, pura vida, one of my favorite countries, nature at its best

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