Panama City and Panama

Each country I cross into on my way south has seemed greener, more humid and more “jungle”-ish than the last. Panama is no exception. It’s beautiful and the roads are great.
Bike Trip Panama City 041
The highway is 4 lanes in some places and two in others. But there is an enormous construction project going on to expand the entire road to a 4-lane highway from the border all the way to Panama City, and red dirt is exposed for miles as the jungle is pushed back to make room for the new road.
Bike Trip Panama City 036
We ride across the Bridge of the Americas as we approached the city and under it are the waters that flow through the Panama Canal. I can’t believe I’ve come all this way.
Bike Trip Panama City 067
The city wasn’t at all what I expected…it was so much more, a mix of high rises and waterfront, banks and casinos and shopping, and old and new.
Bike Trip Panama City 128
Bike Trip Panama City 076
We spend a few days here, prepping for the trip on the Stahlratte to Cartagena, Colombia, resting, and sightseeing. We get to spend a fun couple of evenings with three fellow riders who have all been to Ushuaia, Alison, Carlos and Martin.
Bike Trip Panama City 083
Almost 25,000 miles on the trip to so far and as I near the end of this continent and prepare to sail to the next I am contemplative…it’s been an incredible year, and I hope the road ahead is beautiful and kind to me.

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  1. Have enjoyed following you on your journey! Safe travels and a safe passage to Cartegena!

  2. I crossed the Bridge of Americas many times while stationed at Howard AFB (1967 – 1969). I spent equal time between Howard and Albrook AFB (both Pacific side) and then finally had the car sent to the USA. They would not let me travel as a G,I. I would need to get discharged in Charleston SC first. I wanted my trip of a lifetime but could have only completed by returning to Panama as a tourest with a visa.

    They cautioned me about bandets if I did travel. I had travel companion with cameras planned but he was a GI too , so the trip was not attempted.

    I learned of your trip today, 7/19/2014, as I like to keep current on the progress of Panama Canal Expansion.

    Enjoy your trip of a lifetime! : )

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