Cartagena, Columbia

Bike Trip Cartagena 360 1
Cartagena is the perfect place to enter Colombia, as it´s a picturesque and historical city near the beach. What more could you ever want in a city. We´ve already been processed by Migracion before getting the bikes, and now we ride over to the Aduana for processing for the bikes which takes a couple of hours. The insurance office isn´t open again until Tuesday, and today is Friday, so there will be no riding until we get the insurance purchased.
Bike Trip Cartagena 375 2
We wander through Cartagena on foot for the weekend, enjoying the beautiful old neighborhoods and plazas. There are statues celebrating explorers and founders of the past as well as victories in wars.
Bike Trip Cartagena 376 3
Bike Trip Cartagena 378 4
The center of the old city is surrounded with a high stone fortress wall which protected in back in the day. Now, while the canons are resting in thier cloak of dried salt, the wall marks the point where the locals are less frequently seen as they have been replaced by hords of tourists.
Bike Trip Cartagena 431 10
The streets are narrow, one-way and filled with small cafes, bistros, bars and boutiques. It’s more expensive here, but the charm of the old city is probably worth the inflated prices.
Bike Trip Cartagena 395 6
Bike Trip Cartagena 399 7
Bike Trip Cartagena 410 8
Bike Trip Cartagena 414 9
Bike Trip Cartagena 433 11
There are lots of beautiful statues and works of art in the old town. And in one square I find an iron work refresco cart (shaved ice) and then see the real life version just a few feet away.
Bike Trip Cartagena 439 12
Bike Trip Cartagena 441 13
We ride around the El Castillo de San Felipe on our way to buy insurance after the long weekend.
Bike Trip Cartagena 382 5
We attempt to run a couple of errands before leaving town and get caught in a torrential downpour.
Bike Trip Minca 011
After waiting an hour or so for the streets to clear, we realize they aren’t going to. We have to ride in 3-6 inches of water and then sections of up to a foot deep to get where we need to be. But it’s late in the day by the time we get everything done so we opt for another night in Cartagena. Some of the Stahlratte gang is still here and we are lucky to be able to get another night with friends.

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