Nothern Colombia coast to Taganga

We head east and north along the Caribbean Sea coast toward Santa Marta which is supposed to be a place where the locals go for their holidays and vacations. It’s just a few hours from Cartagena. We stop somewhere past Baranquilla for a drink to cool off. It’s hot here.
Bike Trip Minca 019 1
On we ride along the coast and in places I can see the sea to our left and salt marshes to our right as we ride along a narrow isthmus of land. There is so much trash here, it makes me sad.
Bike Trip Minca 024 2
We have to stop behind a line of trucks that is about 2 miles long and finally, as we usually do, we ride around them until any oncoming traffic forces us back into our lane. But ther eis no oncoming traffic. At Cienaga we see a small road block (I have no idea what its for) and we see that both sides of the road are blocked, so there is another two miles of trucks stopped going the way we came from.
Bike Trip Minca 029 3
A few miles later we make it to Santa Marta, but it isn’t the picturesque little village I had in mind, so we ride a bit further and over the hill into the small town of Taganga.
Bike Trip Minca 034 4
It’s a popular town with backpackers and scuba divers. The diving is good here, and the prices are even better. Pam, another rider who I first met back in Guatemala and who was on the Stahlratte too, and I sign up for a two-tank dive trip. It’s been a while since I was in the water, and this is a lovely place to get back in the water again.
Colombia dive 7 refit 8
Colombia dive 5 9
We hang out with Pam and Mat and Tom, all Stahlratte alumni, and watch some World Cup. The locals celebrate a Colombia win one night by parading through the streets on their bike with the countrys flag. I love all the excitement and energy of being here for World Cup.
Bike Trip Minca 052 7
We wander down to the malecon one evening for dinner and try a local stuffed corn cake/sandwich of sorts. It’s not really arepa, but something like that, and it’s filled with chicken and cheese and is delish.
Bike Trip Minca 040 6
And I buy some local fruit from a small cart…mama-something or other…mamancillo?…they are a bit like a plum with a thin skin like that of a dried out lime and once you tear it you get to a thin layer of mushy fruit before the large center pit. They’re good, but also a little bit of work.
Bike Trip Minca 063 11
And the sunsets here are lovely.
Bike Trip Minca 037 5

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