Minca, Colombia

Bike Trip Minca 091 3After spending a few days in the intense heat of the beach, we decide to ride up to Minca which is in the hills above Santa Marta. I’m hoping climbing the nearly 2000 feet will make a difference in the temperature, and it does.
Bike Trip Minca 074 10
We set up camp just on the edge of the small village at El Mirador.
Bike Trip Minca 083 5
There are 4 of us from the Stahlratte moving up to Minca from Taganga today and we run into two more up there. It’s funny what a small world motorcycle travel can be. Minca has a lot of draws though – the cooler climate, bird watching, waterfalls, hiking, etc.
Bike Trip Minca 076 2
There are hundreds of hummingbirds around, and our hostel/campground has a resident parrot, Ara, who I take for a few rides on my shoulder.
Bike Trip Minca 091 3
We hike a couple of hours up to Cascada Marinka and peek at the upper pool and falls before going for a chilly swim in the lower falls and pool.
Bike Trip Minca 118 6
Bike Trip Minca 121 7
Bike Trip Minca 129 8
Bike Trip Minca 153 12
There is a lot of bamboo growing here. Coffee too. And all sorts of tropical plants.
Bike Trip Minca 157 14
Bike Trip Minca 134 11
And the sunsets are beautiful from up here too.
Bike Trip Minca 103 4

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