Route 66 – Pamplona to Berlin, all in Colombia

Bike Trip Giron 295
The day we rode in from Venezuela we made it to the small town of Pamplona before stopping for the night. It seemed like a nice place and that night we had dinner in a Mexican restaurant…I’ve been missing Mexican food. We leave early the next day and ride to Bucaramanga and stop along the way in the small town of Berlin (although my phone called it that, Google Maps called it Berliner). Along the way I realize we are riding on Route 66 which makes me giggle…all these familiar names.
Bike Trip Giron 311
The road is one of my favorite in Colombia so far. Just like we saw in the mountains of Venezuela, there are lots of strawberry farms here and small stands selling them and other fresh produce along the roadside.
Bike Trip Giron 308
Bike Trip Giron 310
The higher we climb along the route, the more I see men and women wearing wool ponchos. Most men wear either a straw cowboy hat or a Colombian hat.
Bike Trip Giron 315
Bike Trip Giron 332
We continue to climb up into the highlands and pretty soon there are no trees.
Bike Trip Giron 362
Bike Trip Giron 397
It’s getting colder and colder. And finally we get to Berlin and stop at the small gas station/cafe for a cup of coffee…my first. I had asked for tea and have noticed it’s harder and harder to find in the mountains. I’m cold enough that I will try a cup of coffee. I’ve had sips before but don’t like it…except now it’s an instant mix with tons of creamer and sugar, and it’s nearly a light beige when she delivers it. It’s DELISH!
Bike Trip Giron 405
After warming up we carry on and enjoy the rest of the views to the city of Bucaramanaga.
Bike Trip Giron 409
Bike Trip Giron 443
Bike Trip Giron 470

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