Giron to Medellin, Colombia

We ride from Bucaramanga to Medellin all in one day…and it’s a big day. We hadn’t planned to do that, but it’s how it worked out. We stayed in Giron in a small hotel on the cute town square.
Bike Trip Giron 486
Had dinner on the plaza, grilled kebabs and corn. We walk over for breakfast at a local bakery before leaving.
Bike Trip Giron 492
My baby got to stay in the hotel too.
Bike Trip Giron 484
Off we go over the rolling hills, through a tunnel, across a river…and across the middle of Colombia.
Bike Trip Guatape 002
Bike Trip Guatape 006
Bike Trip Guatape 016
Bike Trip Guatape 018
Bike Trip Guatape 029
Bike Trip Guatape 030
We follow a river for ages that’s smelly and strangely filled with giants white soap suds. At first I think it looks like white water, but tehn I look more closely and see it’s a slow-moving flat river that is instead filled with foam and bubbles. It’s disgusting really, it smells like laundry and sewage. I imagine it comes from the direction of Medellin and is the result of contamination from millions of people…sad.
Bike Trip Guatape 033
We reach the auto pista and turn south toward Medellin late in the day, nearly 6pm. We’d been scouting places to stay the following day and head that general direction, El Poblado. We stop along a street with a row of hostels and find one with a room, but none have parking. We go in and ask at a local place about parking fees and are quoted a price. As we stand on the street in front of the lot and do some math with our budget vs. prices the owner of the Car Wash Parquedero, Eduardo, comes out. He asks if we are traveling by motorcycles and we say we are. He says we are welcome to park and stay without paying at all. He is a fellow rider, and says “welcome to Colombia” and wishes us a wonderful stay. Wow, what a nice way to be welcomed to this lovely new city.
Bike Trip Guatape 036

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