Medellin, Colombia

Medellin sprawls for miles along a valley and up the sides of both ridgelines of mountains surrounding it. Most buildings are sporting red-tiled roofs or bricks on the exterior, so it’s got a red hue going on everywhere you look. To get a good view of the place we decide to take the Metro train one Sunday morning to the stop at the base of the Metro Cable line that runs up to the top of the eastern ridge to Arvi Park.
Bike Trip Guatape 047
The lines are moving fast, thankfully, even though there are a lot of people out riding the cable cars today.
Bike Trip Guatape 049
Bike Trip Guatape 055
We have to change lines just under halfway up the mountain and then the line climbs even a bit more steeply from here up. The little neighborhoods we glide over are filled with life. Kids play with puppies in small dirt yards while women hang laundry on lines on the rooftops. The streets are climbing at steep rates here and zig and zag back and forth underneath the cable car.
Bike Trip Guatape 064
We crest the hill and are transported to a forest and continue moving above the trees for what seems like quite a while. We can no longer see the city and it’s a completely different feel. We arrive at Parque Arvi, a lovely local sustainable park, and there’s a small tent with vendors selling local foods and crafts.
Bike Trip Guatape 069
After an empanada I opt for the strawberries and cream. I’ve been seeing them everywhere and they are just as good as I hope they will be.
Bike Trip Guatape 079
We can choose to ride the bus back down into the city or ride back down on the cable car and choose the latter since we will be riding over the ridge in a few days.
Bike Trip Guatape 088
Bike Trip Guatape 091
We enjoy wandering around the Poblado and get some of the parts we need for the bikes in the Moto district. I stop by to say hello and get an oil filter at a local Kawasaki dealership and they give Brian and I each a free sticker for the bike and a Kawasaki lanyard. Awesome!
Bike Trip Guatape 041

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