Salento, Colombia and the game of Tejo

Salento is a town that keeps popping up in blogs I’ve been reading and in suggested places to visit in Colombia. It’s located on a dead-end road off the Pan Am Highway and up a gorgeous valley in the Zona Cafetera, coffee country.
Bike Trip Salento 021
We settle in to a campsite at La Serrana and spend a couple of days being lazy, only walking as far as town a mile up the road and back again each day. On Saturdays and Sundays there are food and craft tents set up in the town square and I shop for a bit with a girl we met at the hostel who happens to be from Spearfish, South Dakota, less than 20 miles from Sturgis. Such a small world.
Bike Trip Salento 033
There’s a man passed out in front of the local licoeria, liquor store….makes me giggle.
Bike Trip Salento 032
Lots of locals are out on the Calle Real on this Sunday afternoon. I stop to watch a man struggling down the street on crutches and count my many blessings.
Bike Trip Salento 035
The dusty road to our camp provides the best views. Lots of locals are busy working their farms and hauling things to and from town.
Bike Trip Salento 041
Bike Trip Salento 045
Bike Trip Salento 046
Each night the hostel has a bonfire and we meet lots of other travelers here. And our friends, a Swiss couple, who we’ve met a few times on the road arrive as well. We gather a group of people up one evening and walk into town to play the local game of Tejo. I’ve heard about it and am interested in seeing it and hopefully getting a chance to play.
photo (2)
Think horseshoes…with explosives.
Players throw small steel domes across a 25 meter court toward a target on the other side in hopes of landing on and setting off a small explosive charge buried under the mud and they get points if it goes off.
You can imagine the fun you can have with that and some beer.

A good time was had by all.

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  1. great stuff!!! keep it coming…It’s so enriching to get a chance to see different cultures, lifestyles etc…your journey is a field study in Anthropology!

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