Southern Colombia and Las Lajas

After we leave Salento, we head back to the highway and south toward Buga for the night. We stay in a hostel located in a microbrewery that had a lovely terrace on the roof. After settling into the brewhouse, We wandered over to see the Senor de Los Milagros Cathedral – Man of Miracles – just a block away.
Bike Trip Quito 013
We left the next morning and kept moving south…heading for Popayan, known as the White City.
Bike Trip Quito 027
About 30 miles before we got to town that afternoon we met our friend Tom, aka Mustache South, on the highway….what a wonderful and lucky surprise! We stopped for a roadside chat and then he was on his way…
Bike Trip Quito 046
Bike Trip Quito 048
Popayan was lovely, and definitely “White”. We were lucky enough to meet a fellow biker, Ruslan from Russia, in a car park late one night as he rode in from Quito. And we ran into Michael and Simone, a Swiss couple traveling overland by Land Rover. Great to see all these new friends along the road time and again.
Bike Trip Quito 054
Bike Trip Quito 063
Bike Trip Quito 073
After a couple of days, we kept pushing south toward the border and got as far as Pasto where we camped in a National Park for the night. The last 30-40 miles ride into Pasto was spectacular.
Bike Trip Quito 129
Bike Trip Quito 148
Had stopped that day for lunch and ordered two bowls of the chicken soup for us….and yes, those are feet.
Bike Trip Quito 091
After leaving the National Park the next morning, we push on to Ipiales. It was only 55 miles or so, and gorgeous landscapes. We took a quick detour to stop in at Las Lajas and see the incredibly beautiful Sancturary.
Bike Trip Quito 178
Bike Trip Quito 211
Bike Trip Quito 220
Bike Trip Quito 223
Bike Trip Quito 225
Next stop Ecuador.

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