Riding into Ecuador

We leave our hotel in Ipiales early enough to run back out to Las Lajas and walk down to the church in the canyon….it’s just one of those places you can go back to again and again. And if I did, I’d be in a lot better shape, lol. Then we rode back through town and off to the border, just 6-7 miles away. I’ve got my paperwork together and made sure I have copies of all my documents so we can move as quickly as possible through this border.
Bike Trip Quito 235
We stop and park at the Aduana first, at the small lot to the right. And then went into the red double doors to have our permission forms for the bikes cancelled.
Bike Trip Quito 238
Then off to Migracion to get ourselves stamped out.
Bike Trip Quito 241
Bike Trip Quito 242
Then down the road a few hundred meters and across the bridge to the Ecuador side.
Bike Trip Quito 240
We parked in front of the Migracion/Aduana office and went into Migracion first.
Bike Trip Quito 244
Bike Trip Quito 246
Things have moved along really quickly so far…3/4 done and we haven’t been at the border an hour yet. Next up, the Aduana.
Bike Trip Quito 245
We proceed to the window.
Bike Trip Quito 247
The agent hands me back the copies I have provided her of all my documents. Black and white copies are not acceptable. So I have to walk around behind her office and have color copies made of my passport, drivers license, title and registration. The copies are a bit expensive since they are color and it costs $2.50 USD. I go back to her window and she starts to process the permit. She inspects the bikes and takes photos of the VIN number, the license plate and the front of the bike. And within an hour and 15 minutes of arriving at the Colombian side…I’m in!

Note to anyone needing to use the bathroom at this border…the Colombian side charged 500 pesos and then I saw the Ecuador side would have been free.

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