Northeastern Ecuador and Crossing the Equator

On the first day in Ecuador we ride south on Highway 35 toward Cayambe. It’s a gorgeous day and the blue skies over Ecuador provide a beautiful contrast to the enormous valleys and mountains, great plains, and volcanoes.
Bike Trip Quito 258
Bike Trip Quito 262
Bike Trip Quito 265
Bike Trip Quito 269
Late in the afternoon we cross over the Equator…and it’s a big deal for me. Very momentus. It starts to sprinkle and we decide to carry on to the Hacienda and see if we can get a room before dark. We will come back for more photos of the Equator in the morning. Up the road just a couple of miles is the Hacienda Guachala, a place that Brian stayed on his last PanAm trip. It’s the oldest hacienda in Ecuador, having been built in 1580 – and it’s incredible. Thankfully they have a room for the night, complete with a small fireplace. We have fresh local trout and steak for dinner and celebrate my equatorial milestone with a local beer. The next morning I have a wander around the place and enjoy reading the wall plaques about its history.
Bike Trip Quito 288
Bike Trip Quito 309
Bike Trip Quito 348
Bike Trip Quito 359
Bike Trip Quito 365
Bike Trip Quito 369
The Equator marker is a large sundial and it’s really interesting to read about how the sun changes through the year in this part of the world. It rises and sets each day at 6am and 6pm, just in different places. Coming from a much further north part of the world, I’m intrigued by a steady 12-hours of light each day. But much as I’d give up short winter days, I wouldn’t trade the long days of summer for anything.
Bike Trip Quito 281
Bike Trip Quito 384
And after we finish taking a few photos at the Equator, we ride out for Quito.
Bike Trip Quito 392

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