Vilcabamba, Ecuador

We rode south from Cuenca on a weekday on one of the main highways, but not the PanAm. There’s virtually no traffic which is nice, and we spend most of a day getting from Cuenca to Loja and then on to Vilcabamba. Vilcabamba is located in the “Valley of Longevity” and is known for a high concentration of people who live to 100 years or more in this part of the world. When I get there I can see why….it’s beautiful. And even the dogs seem to live to a ripe old age here.
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 047
The town is cute, and there’s a strange mix of people here…gringoes, backpackers, retirees, locals, etc. The landscape is so gorgeous that I think it attracts all kinds.
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 083
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 076
We walk into town one day and wander through the dirt roads that lead there. A man is making blocks/bricks, which is a common practice in this part of the world. And I like the changing colors of the soil that make the bricks…and when houses are built form them they blend in with the landscape.
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 073
Since new friends first told us about a hotel here, Izhcayluma, we have been hearing about Vilcabamba nearly every month for the length of the trip. So it’s been on the “list”…there are dogs here,
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 025
inexpensive spa treatments,
iPhone September 27 060
a pool, free yoga classes, and then there is the view…
iPhone September 27 051
iPhone September 27 049
and the sunsets…
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 071
iPhone September 27 068

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