From the border of Peru to Chachapoyas

After crossing the border we head for the town of San Ignacio before stopping for the night. We wind up staying at a small hotel and parking our bikes in a private garage behind the hotel. It’s a little unnerving at first, and the people are not giving me good vibes but then I see they are genuinely trying to help us, and we and our bikes are safe.
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 179
The town is small, and we don’t spend much time here. We rode in late and pack up early the next day to head out.
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 180
We make for Chachapoyas and plan to stop in Jaen to buy insurance for Peru and get some cash. But just a couple of miles out of town we run into a road block because of a major construction project on the main highway and we sit for a half hour or more. Brian gets bored. I chat up the locals and find out that some tiny insect eggs on my bike are, according to a local man, butterfly eggs. All 22 made the journey with me form Vilcabamba yesterday, which makes me smile.
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 191
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 194
Finally we get moving and after several miles of stops and starts, heavy equipment and road in various stages of construction, we hit brand new tarmac and follow the river south.
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 199
It’s gorgeous and green, and the valley is covered in rice terraces.
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 201
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 218
We see rain clouds to the north over the are we rode through yesterday making me so happy we pushed through before the roads got wet and muddy again.
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 238
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 251
Jaen is not much to look at, no offense to the residents, but I don’t expect it to be when it’s perched at a junction of two highways. Brian finds his way to the coordinates our Swiss friend, Markus, sent (thank you Markus!) saving us a lot of time.
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 262
He gets his insurance while I buy snacks from a small tienda across the street. A young boy and girl are inside watching me and their mother opens the gate for me to come in and buy ome cold drinks and cookies. It’s already hot today. The kids are really sweet and I give them each a US coin (which I picked up in Ecuador, lol) and they do happy dances for me.
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 264
Off we go, insured and monied, and keep riding east through Bagua Grande and further. The road follows a different river, and in places the canyon walls are not only narrow, they are overhead.
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 282
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 304
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 308
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 324
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 358
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 365
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 380
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 384
Bike Trip Chachapoyas 385

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