Leymebamba to Celendin, Peru

So early the morning after we arrive in Leymebamba we are off for the next town, Celendin, which I refer to affectionately as Celine Dion. We know the road will be scenic, because we keep hearing this from everyone, but we have no idea what to expect, except high altitude.

It’s something like 90-100 miles, and I think we average about 10 mph hour today, in part because of all the stops we make to take photos. The road, which is expected to be dirt/gravel, turns out to be a continuation of the single-lane asphalt road we rode on yesterday. So it’s very narrow, very twisty and has to be shared by both directions of travel for all vehicles including trucks and buses. It makes for slow going, but it’s incredible. We spent hours climbing up out of Leymebamba and then down the other side of the mountain range, then across a river valley and up and over the next mountain range.

I’m just going to let the photos do the talking…but be sure to look closely for any thin lines running across mountains anywhere in the distance in photos, because they are all roads we rode on as we wound our way across the mountainsides. It was absolutely spectacular.
Bike Trip Celendin 037
Bike Trip Celendin 064
Bike Trip Celendin 076
Bike Trip Celendin 078
Bike Trip Celendin 094
Bike Trip Celendin 107
Bike Trip Celendin 116
Bike Trip Celendin 124
Bike Trip Celendin 127
Bike Trip Celendin 135
Bike Trip Celendin 143
Bike Trip Celendin 168
Bike Trip Celendin 192
Bike Trip Celendin 204
Bike Trip Celendin 209
Bike Trip Celendin 213
Bike Trip Celendin 220
Bike Trip Celendin 249
Bike Trip Celendin 250
Bike Trip Celendin 276Bike Trip Celendin 279
Bike Trip Celendin 302

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  1. when I went over two years ago (in the opposite direction), it was just a dirt road from Cajamarca all the way to Leimebamba, and not paved until an hour or two away from Chachas. I liked the rustic feel of it as a dirt road, but I suppose it is much safer now..here’s my blog post from then, in case you missed it:


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