In the Cordillera Blanca of Peru – Part 1

We leave the highway south of Canyon del Pato at Yungay and climb up and out of town on a swticbacked dirt road as we ride east toward the Lodge at Llanganuco Lakes. Intending to camp and move higher into the mountains the next day, we have to change plans after a 12-hour rain shower which makes the roads muddy. Mist and clouds hover over the tent all day even after the rain clears.
Bike Trip Chacas 312
We spend part of the “day off” at the lodge enjoying a short hike to some local ruins between showers.
Bike Trip Chacas 355
There’s a small lake behind the lodge that is drying up. From camp it looks like a stock dam at home…but on closer inspection I get a lesson in perspective here in the Cordillera Blanca. The valley is enormous and it takes much longer to walk to the lake edge than I expected. Look closely and you can see Brian in the foreground and Sam from Song of the Road out near the water’s edge.
Bike Trip Chacas 347
We see several small tarantulas around our camp and one raises a threatening front leg at Brian’s boot.
Bike Trip Chacas 367
Bike Trip Chacas 435
There are two alpacas living here and they come to see what’s for dinner as we cook one night.
Bike Trip Chacas 306
Finally, late in the day, the clouds clear and we get a peek at the peak, lol, that has been hiding in the clouds for more than a day since we arrived.
Bike Trip Chacas 421
Incredibly beautiful….these snow-capped peaks, both south and north of here.
Bike Trip Chacas 410
After two nights at camp, we rise early and are greeted, thank goodness, by a sunny morning. So we pack up and head further up the canyon to the entrance to Huascaran National Park and to the turquoise waters of the Llanganuco Lakes.
Bike Trip Chacas 446
Bike Trip Chacas 448
Bike Trip Chacas 467
Bike Trip Chacas 471
And after the lakes we start the long, steep climb up the mountains…

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