From Huaraz to the coast of Peru

In Huaraz we are able to catch up for a night with James from Pedaling for Pennies, a man riding from the USA to the bottom of South America to raise funds for cancer research. We have a nice dinner with him and two other cyclists from Germany who he is riding with.  All great people. Then we pack up and head west, bound for the coast and Lima.  The road out of Huaraz leads south first on this high plateau, and the view reminds me of Wyoming.
Bike Trip Cuzco 022
Bike Trip Cuzco 037
Bike Trip Cuzco 051
We ride 50-70 miles before we turn west and drop into a canyon and begin the long descent to the coast.
Bike Trip Cuzco 054
Bike Trip Cuzco 068
Bike Trip Cuzco 074
We pull over at a roadside café for a late lunch in the shade. As we descend its been getting hotter and hotter and the afternoon sun is intense. A man rides up on a BMW from the other direction and parks here too. With Colorado plates lo less! Brian and I sit and enjoy a nice lunch and great conversation with Bob and hope to see him again along the road as he heads south toward Ushuaia as well.
Bike Trip Cuzco 078
There are some provincial police stopped for lunch here too and they ask for a couple of photos with us and our bikes. They are really nice.
Bike Trip Cuzco 082
Afterwards we ride on for the coast, trying to make the PanAm Highway (uggh) and get as far as Huacho tonight.
Bike Trip Cuzco 085
Bike Trip Cuzco 087
The valley was filled with crops and fields being irrigated, but the PanAm turns to miles of blowing sand. We finally make it to Huacho with its fishing fleet at anchor in the small bay and find a hostal for the night.
Bike Trip Cuzco 095
Bike Trip Cuzco 103
Tomorrow Lima.

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