Lima, Peru

Lima is a city of 8 million plus people and from what I remember from a brief visit a few years ago, it was lovely.
Bike Trip Cuzco 212
Other riders and ride reports have been warning us for months, suggesting we “avoid” Lima if at all possible.  I’ve heard more warnings about Lima than any other city, including Mexico City.  The traffic along the PanAm Highway and within 30 miles of the city of Lima is horrendous and has a well-deserved bad reputation. Buses and trucks cut us off left and right, cars are zipping all over the place, everyone honks and swerves without warning….it’s crazy. I even take a photo of a bus that swerves and nearly hits Brian because I intend to write a letter to the government about it, but never take the time.
Bike Trip Cuzco 108
The drivers are crazy everywhere in Peru! And we see a car accident on a side street of Lima the morning after we arrive.
Bike Trip Cuzco 133
Thankfully we are off the bikes for a few days and enjoy the beautiful city of Lima. We wander along the clifftop walk near the seaside and watch surfers down below and paragliders above, even as they launch from the cliff.
Bike Trip Cuzco 134
Bike Trip Cuzco 155
Bike Trip Cuzco 168
Bike Trip Cuzco 182
Bike Trip Cuzco 189
We stop by Tourtech, and meet Ivan and Inez and Johan, incredibly nice and helpful people, and are happy to find they are stocked with any parts or supplies we may need for the bikes.
Bike Trip Cuzco 112
We’re staying in Miraflores which is a beautiful and modern part of the city. John F. Kennedy park in the center of Miraflores is home to dozens of cats and we see locals stopping by for coffee or lunch breaks and petting these poor kitties for a few minutes.
Bike Trip Cuzco 121
Bike Trip Cuzco 220
We spend part of a day in the old part of the city, and it’s lovely.
Bike Trip Cuzco 202
Bike Trip Cuzco 193
Bike Trip Cuzco 191
Plaza de Armas is filled with painted trees for a festival going on.
Bike Trip Cuzco 196
Bike Trip Cuzco 198
Bike Trip Cuzco 199
Beautiful Lima…

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