An oasis and desert drawings in Peru

After 3 days in Lima we keep moving south. Paracas National Park on the coast sounds incredible but there’s not a lot of roads there and the sand riding sounds like way too much work for me and my heavy bike right now, so I think I’ll take a pass.
Bike Trip Cuzco 224
Instead when we get to Pisco we follow the PanAm to the east bound for the city of Ica. Just a few miles to the west of town lies an “oasis” of sorts. Huacachina is a hippy and tourist paradise, kind of like a big kids version of a sandbox. There are dune buggies with 10-12 passengers roaring all over these sand mountains. It’s mildly obnoxious. The afternoon dissolves quickly though and I decide to go up to the top of the dune on the north side of town to catch the sunset. Much more my scene than the adrenaline and tourist fest going on down in the oasis.
Bike Trip Cuzco 232
Bike Trip Cuzco 233
Bike Trip Cuzco 258
Bike Trip Cuzco 259
There are people sandboarding when I reach the top. Sounds more fun than it looks.
Bike Trip Cuzco 267
Bike Trip Cuzco 305
Bike Trip Cuzco 316
Bike Trip Cuzco 319
The next day we ride out for Nazca and beyond. We stop at the famous Nazca lines along the way. You can opt for a flight over several of them but I’ve heard it’s more of a demonstration in aerobatics and more than half the people that go get sick…so the tower will do for me.
Bike Trip Cuzco 330
Bike Trip Cuzco 337
Bike Trip Cuzco 339
The lines were created by the Nazca people between 400 and 650 A.D. and there are a lot of theories as to why, and one idea suggests they were sending signs to their gods.
Bike Trip Cuzco 340
Bike Trip Cuzco 344
Bike Trip Cuzco 345
Bike Trip Cuzco 348

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