Cusco, Peru

Cusco is a beautiful city from what I remember of my trip here 4 years ago. Sure I remember all the tourists and the shops and pushy sales people and massage therapists on the streets, but I also remember the architecture and good food and culture. I’m looking forward to going back and after a few hours of working our way down the river valley and through construction and back onto the high plateau, we are here.
Bike Trip Cuzco 494
Bike Trip Cuzco 497
I get so enjoy some shopping, some time with friends, good food and drink, and the lovely city itself.
Bike Trip Cuzco 496
Bike Trip Cuzco 499
The city is filled with hills and cobblestoned streets, and is perfect for wandering. Lots of little nooks and coves make it a romantic town.
Bike Trip Machu Picchu 003
Bike Trip Machu Picchu 011
Above the northern edge of the city and old town sit the ruins of Sacsayhuaman (pronounced sock-sigh-huwa-man, but gringoes often mispronounce it as Sexy Woman because it sounds so close to that). We go up one day to visit the ruins and enjoy the good weather. Llamas and locals wander all over….great place to visit.
Bike Trip Machu Picchu 016
Bike Trip Machu Picchu 106
It’s hard to imagine how the stones were cut to fit so tightly together and moved into place without heavy machinery.
Bike Trip Machu Picchu 019
Bike Trip Machu Picchu 022
Bike Trip Machu Picchu 030
Bike Trip Machu Picchu 038
Bike Trip Machu Picchu 050
Bike Trip Machu Picchu 097

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  1. Can’t wait to visit Peru, definitely on my bucket list

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