Pisac, Peru

After you’ve visited Machu Picchu, most other ruins might not seem as impressive. Sort of like having the best meal ever and then going for a PB&J….

We leave Cusco after a few lazy days and decide to head into the Sacred Valley to visit Pisac on our way south. It’s a bit of a detour….but it’s definitely worth it. And Pisac proves it’s stunning in its own right and doesn’t dwell in the shadow of Machu Picchu.
Bike Trip Pisac 078
We catch a cab up the winding valley above the town of Pisac and decide to walk the ruins out to the point of the mountain and then descend via the terraces into town.
Bike Trip Pisac 128
Bike Trip Pisac 025
There’s a beautiful trail, and it should take us only 2-3 hours but we spend 4 even though it sprinkles off and on and threatens real rain.
Bike Trip Pisac 027
What looks like a giant amphitheater is actually terraces that the Incas used for crops.
Bike Trip Pisac 029
The complex of buildings winds along the upper edge of the mountain from where it connects with the ridge above all the way out to the point overlooking the valley, Urubamba River and town of Pisac below.
Bike Trip Pisac 033
Bike Trip Pisac 034
Bike Trip Pisac 035
Bike Trip Pisac 036
In the face of the mountain there are small windows/ventanillas cut from the red rock which was like a mausoleum for the community.
Bike Trip Pisac 043
Lots of Incan engineering amazes me…
Bike Trip Pisac 053
Bike Trip Pisac 066
Bike Trip Pisac 067
There are channels for running water through the complexes which helped to cool, provided convenient water and must have helped with the dry air.
Bike Trip Pisac 108
Bike Trip Pisac 111
The views from the ruins are incredible.
Bike Trip Pisac 097
Bike Trip Pisac 104
Bike Trip Pisac 117

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