The last rides in Peru


Time to push south.  We hear that the rainy season starts around the first of November in Bolivia and if we want to ride the famous Death Road I’d prefer it be dry.  Some last photos of this beautiful country…Peru has been colorful, vibrant, and stunning.


Peru has been full of surprises, like Halloween costumes in local shops.


There are lots of funny things lost in translation.


Around every corner, some new lovely thing…



There’s the crazy driving, even over pedestrian bridges, to get around road blocks.


There’s the beautiful landscapes…


Strangely, we see dogs laying along the sides of the roads for the last couple of days of crossing Peru.  I’d love to give them all a home.


I’ve developed an old man cough in Peru, and each day when I get off the bike my face is black from breathing soot and exhaust….gross.


We plan to cross over on All Saints Day but are delayed in Puno for an extra day when Brian isn’t feeling well.  The altitude has been giving us headaches, literally.  So instead we sit through to the Dia de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead, on November 2nd. Local people honor their lost loved ones on this day by visiting and decorating graves, in a way it’s similar to Memorial Day in the USA.



There’s one last road block along our way to the border, on the morning we plan to cross.  So we ride around it by dropping down into the ditch and riding in a field alongside the road.


Finally back on the road and we get our first peek at Lago Titicaca on the horizon ahead…Excited for Bolivia.






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  1. I just love your shots. Can’t wait to see Bolivia thru your eyes. 🙂

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