Crossing into Bolivia

It’s the usual drill really, crossing from one country to another.  The only difference we notice today is the huge numbers of people traveling by bus who are crossing from Peru to Bolivia and back the other way.  Oh, yeah, and the time change that we don’t figure out until later in the day.

First, we check out of the Migracion office in Peru, with two offices to visit – first the police and then the migracion office itself.




There’s lots of stickers from other riders who have crossed here.


The bikes wait patiently out front.


We stop to trade the last of our Peru money for some new Bolivianos.


On to the Aduana (Customs office) to get the bikes processed out of Peru.


The officer who helped us was so nice. He offers to take our picture in front of the seal of the office and he lets us put stickers on the armoire in his office.


There’s a chain across the road which the guard lowers for us to cross over after we finish all our tasks…now across no man’s land to Bolivia.


We cross through the barrier on the other side and park in front of the Aduana office.


We were hoping to get processed here before getting in line at the migracion office, and its a huge line. I think 2 or 3 buses unloaded just before we got here….yuck.


But the Aduana officer sends us to the line before he will even speak to us…and it takes ages. Finally, I get up to the front of the line and get sent to the Visa application window to complete an application form and to pay my $135 US in cash…then a sticker and a stamp and back to the Aduana.


And when we arrive we see the Aduana is closed for an hour or two for lunch….perfect.

But as it turns out the time is actually an hour later than we thought it was, so we have an hour less to wait for it to reopen.  This is one time an unknown time change works out for the best.


After this final step we are finally in Bolivia!  Just a few miles to go to Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca….woohoo!







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