Potosi and southwestern Bolivia


Potosi seems like a nice town…I hadn’t expected much when I heard it was a mining city.  The central plaza is lovely and there are lots of old buildings reflecting Spanish architectural styles in Potosi.



We only stay one night, so we walk up to the square and find a small pizza place for dinner and then go back to rest up before the ride to Uyuni tomorrow.  We get an early start the next morning.


The ride is stunning…again.  My vocabulary isn’t big enough or descriptive enough and all I do most days is ride around corners and cry out “Beautiful!” in my helmet….

Lots of signs warning us to watch for llamas and vicunas today.


We follow a train for several miles and stop just before one crossing to watch the old fashioned engine pass by.


It’s like another day in an old Western movie, and then I see what looks like an ACME trap up ahead on the right, straight out of a Road Runner movie…hope I’m not Wiley Coyote.


Around another corner and over another hill to another valley and we see hundreds of llamas grazing.  They roll around in the dust like horses and nuzzle each other and play.  It’s fun to stop and watch them for a while.






We ride on toward Uyuni, enjoying the lovely views in each valley….there are signs naming them all and the Valley of the Cactus reminds me of Arizona…




And finally we top the last hill and can see the town of Uyuni below with its shiny corrugated tin roofs…and in the distance is the thin white line of the Salar (salt flat) de Uyuni…spectacular!





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