The desert coast of Chile

Leaving Tal Tal (Taltal?) after a night we ride south, following the PanAm as it moves in and out of the desert and along the Pacific.  We ride the most compacted dirt road I’ve ever been on for 20-30 miles to get to the PanAm.


The ride is really beautiful.



Chileno friends Juan Pablo and Dani have suggested some places for us to stop and visit, which is why we went to Tal Tal and why today we are bound for Bahia Inglesia.


It’s a fairly short day and thankfully we got moving early enough to take advantage of the lower speed winds.  The Bahia is relaxed today and quiet.  So we go find a campground and set up camp.


Then we wander down to the malecon to find some fresh seafood for dinner.


Juan Pablo and Dani have said to be sure to try the ostiones a la parmesan which we do…..and they are delicious.


The campground is pretty busy during the night and we are up late with the noise from partiers and up early with all the noise from the seabirds.


We hit the road again, moving south another day and heading for La Serena before we turn east and into the El Qui Valley.  It’s finally starting to get a bit greener by the end of the day today.



We’ve been spoiled by most countries not charging us tolls in South America, but Chile charges bikes…so that means more stops and more expense.  But at least the roads are good.





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