Santiago, Chile


We ride the hour and a half from Valparaiso to Santiago on a rainy Saturday morning and settle in for a week in this city of 8 million people.  We plan to meet up with some friends I met a couple of years ago while they were on a long distance motorcycle trip.  Roberto and Daniella have generously offered to help us with a place to stay and a place to store the bikes for a few days. Brian has a lot of work to do on the bikes.


We keep the bikes at his house and ride the metro/subway back and forth to Daniella’s apartment each day.  Brian works on the bikes for 4 or 5 days that week.


Roberto, Brian and I go for a ride (Brian and I want to give ours each a test run after all his mechanical magic this week) up Cerro San Cristobal and stop to enjoy the view.  Then Roberto leads us up to a beautiful overlook where he treats us to Mote con Huesillos which taste especially good on this hot day.  They are a juice made from dried and fresh peaches and served with a grain in the bottom of the glass which you eat with a spoon.



We really enjoy getting to spend time with Roberto and Daniella, especially since when I met them in South Dakota it was on the side of Interstate 90 for only about 10 minutes.  They are so kind and generous and their help with getting the bikes back in shape saves us.

We take a free walking tour one weekend day and Daniella joins us.  The tour takes us through a beautiful park and starts in front of the Bellas Artes Museo.



The tour leads us through the Mercado Central, including the fish and produce markets, a colorful place to visit.






Next the tour leads us to the General Cementario (cemetery).  It’s a beautiful and peaceful place, and is enormous, reportedly filling the space of 117 1/2 soccer fields in this enormous park-like area.



We enjoy having the evenings and dinners with Roberto and Daniella….and I appreciate all the local perspective and travel tips they give us for this beautiful country.  The view from her downtown apartment is amazing and as we enjoy it one evening we watch a parade of motorcycles down on the avenida while the flag of Chile flies overhead.



Thank you, Daniella and Roberto, for your incredible hospitality and all the wonderful memories you gave us.  Your help with the bikes and the time you spent with us means so much to us both.  xoxo, M


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  1. Very nice blog post, thanks for sharing. Cannot wait to meet you soon.

  2. Thanks to you!!! We really enjoyed spending time with you both and I personally had a wonderful time receiving you at my place! You’re the best guests. Missing you and hoping your travels continue to be great. Xoxo

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