Motorcycle Maintenance in Santiago

Several thousand miles of dirt, dust and sand, and some bad batches of fuel somewhere between Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and northern Chile have given Betty (my bike) a terrible cough.  She struggles to get up hills and has developed a little wiggle in her rear end….and not in a good way.

We’re really excited to get to see some dear friends in Santiago (Hola, Roberto y Daniella), and now with all the issues plagueing Betty, it’s also turned out to be a huge blessing that Roberto has a place for us to work on the bikes.  We limp in Santiago on a rainy morning and spend the next week at his house getting both bikes back in shape.  Well, Brian does really.  I just document it for future reference and personal enjoyment. Roberto offers up his home, tools, transportation and good company…and even guides us on a beautiful after-the-work-is-done test ride up Cerro San Cristobal.  His help makes all the difference for us, and we appreciate it so much.

Brian empties and removes my fuel tank and gives it a good cleaning.  In the process he finds the tiny in-tank screen filter that is stock for the bike, not that it does much.  He changes the spark plug.  Betty has been overheating randomly and he replaces the thermostat.  He replaces my rear wheel bearing.  He strips and cleans out the carburetor.  He changes my clutch cable which makes a world of difference as the old one was getting super stiff. He flushed the coolant and water system. He cleaned and lubed the air filter.

And after her week a the spa, Betty is purring again….

Thanks so much, Brian, for always taking such care of my sweet ride and me.  And thank you, Roberto and family y Daniella, for giving us a home away from home while we are on this big adventure.  We can’t wait to return the favor.












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