Riding back into Chile


Our friend in Santiago, Roberto, gave us a great list of “must see” places in Chile and after spending a couple of weeks with friends in Argentina, we decide to ride back west to Chile to see more of those places.  We ride back north, retracing our steps to San Marten and then on to Junin and stay in Junin so we are close to the border for a morning crossing.  We ride out of Junin to the northwest bound for the crossing into Chile at Mamuil Malal.  The route takes us through Lanin National Park and right along the base of the giant Volcano Lanin.  I can see it’s snowy peak for miles.  On the way there we meet a couple travelling from Brazil on his BMW.  We stop to say hello and wish each other well.  They are only going as far as the volcano.



The road turns to gravel as we enter the national park and get within a few miles of the border, and we stop at a creek crossing to appreciate the vista.


It’s beautiful from every angle.



We ride up to the Argentinian side and park and go in to cancel our bike permits and get to stamped out of the country.




Then we ride the mile or two to the Chile side and I stop at the border itself for a photo of the sign welcoming us back to Chile and one of the roadside sanctuary for travelers.



Then on to the Chile offices….




Then off we go back into Chile in less than an hour…



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  1. What an inviting border crossing. Would make you wonder what is on the other side.

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