Valdivia, Chile

Still staying in the Lake District, we head west to the coast and plan to stop at Valdivia for a day or two.


This part of Chile was settled by German immigrants, among other people, and that influence shows in the architecture, food, music and more.  Valdivia is home to more than one German-style brewery.  And since we hit town late in the day we decide to start our visit to the town with a trip to the Kunstmann Brewery.  We first tried Kunstmann beer more than 1500 north of here when we first arrived from Bolivia…so Kunstmann is a big national brewery.


We try the sampler platter before choosing which beers to have.


And then we get something to eat….pork chops with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut….and oh so good.  There’s been no shortage of great food in Chile, even the German food.

The next day we walk through Valdivia and start along the malecon.  Lots of people are out enjoying the beautiful day.  People are kayaking and cycling and the markets are packed.


I find some smoked salmon to take along with us on the bike.


The market has an area of fresh flowers, one for all kinds of fresh produce, and the waterfront side is filled with stalls selling fresh seafood.  All kinds of fish, shellfish, calamari, and seaweed products too.



But I’m not the only one checking out the fresh seafood.  There’s a big crew of sea lions hanging out on the waterfront.  And these are the BIGGEST sea lions I have ever seen. The ones out on the floating dock are tiny in comparison to the big boys hanging out just outside the railing from the mean who are cleaning fish.  Those guys are HUGE!




Then we wander through the city in the afternoon and I catch a glimpse of some traditional dancers….Valdivia is lovely.


This blog post should go up on Brian’s 41st birthday….happy birthday, B.  And here’s to many, many more happy years of travel for you.  Much love, M

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  1. now more than ever, many of us in the Northeast are living vicariously through you…3 feet of snow on the ground and another foot by tomorrow morning 😦

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