Florianopolis and the Island of Santa Catarina

Everyone who has been to or is from Brazil has told me to be sure to add Florianopolis to the “must see” list when visiting Brazil.  It’s a big and modern city perched on both sides of the bridge that links mainland Brasil with the Island of Santa Catarina.

We only stop in the city long enough to get some much-needed cash and then we ride off to the backside of the island near Lagoa de Conceicao and the village of Barra da Lagoa.  Having been out of contact on the internet while camping as we crossed Brasil the last couple of days, we sign in that night to catch up.  And lo and behold we have missed our friend Johnny Hubbard by just a few hours!  He just passed Florianopolis as we must have been on our way south and headed to it. But to my complete happiness, Johnny turns around and backtracks and comes to stay on the island for a couple of days and Brian and I get to share some nice time with him.

Brian does some scouting and finds out that one of the oldest villages is Ribeirao da Ilha nd we ride over one day for lunch at a beautiful seafood restaurant right on the beach, and a wander around the town.

And on the way back later that day we stop to watch some wind surfer on the Lagoa.  The sun is setting so early these days…

The next day we have a lazy day off and all wander through Barra and along the beach, stopping for a coffee and to watch the fishermen mending their nets and playing chess in a small park.

Thank you, Johnny, for riding back to see us.  And for the wonderful memories of Brazil.  Wishing you a safe and happy journey ahead.

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