Montevideo, Uruguay

Brian and I have a bright spot on the horizon in Uruguay, and his name is Pete.  He is a friend we met back in Mexico and who graduated with the same class of Stahlratte travelers. Pete will be last of the moto traveler friends we will get to see on this part of our journey, and I’m glad we get a chance to spend a few days with him.

There are two other riders staying at the same hostel, one of which is a friend we met back in Cusco – what a bonus to see Andrew too!  He was our guide on the Death Road back in Bolivia and it’s been way too long since we got to see him. We stash the bikes in the courtyard and set to work raiding ATMs all over the neighborhood and seeing a few sites while getting in some quality Pete time. Lunch in an old downtown market.

A rooftop view of the heart of the city that Pete has found out about from a friend.

(Oops – must pause for a Garage-arita thanks to Nevil, the Guardian of Weary Travellers.  We are loving the Stow-asis in Alberta! which is where I am typing this edition of the last of our South American adventure blogs….)

Ok, back to work.

Back down to the streets of Montevideo for the up-close view of all those gorgeous buildings.  I think in another life I could have been an architect, or maybe I’m just a strange admirer of all things building-ish.

Pete has already been down here, so he knows the highlights, and leads us into one of the most beautiful book stores I have ever seen. The three of us sit and enjoy a mocha/cappa/chocolate something or other and some good conversation.

It’s a fabulous couple of days in the city…and such a wonderful way to wind things down on our South America travels to get to spend time with a good friend.

Brian and I work to try and find a way to get more cash stocked up for the bike shipping without two ATM cards, and keep maxing out the daily limits we have on the cards we have left. He uses Western Union to send me a bulk amount of cash for himself, which helps get us close to where we need to be.  And dear friends, Erica and Sam of Song of the Road, are heading north from Buenos Aires in a few days and offer to help us with some dollars before they go.  That is the life preserver moment that pushes us over the edge from worry to relief.  Thank you, Sam and Erica, for saving us one more time.

And then it’s time to move on…we only have a few days before we meet with the shipper in Buenos Aires and just over a week until we fly out to Canada.  Next stop, a UNESCO site, Colonia.




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