Victoria, British Columbia

Al and Lucie take us on a fun walking tour of their gorgeous city – Victoria, B.C.  Will Ferguson’s book, Beauty Tips from Moosejaw, is a favorite of mine. And actually getting to see some of the landmarks he mentions in the book is such a treat.  We visit Chinatown and the famed Fan Tan Alley, the narrowest street in all of Canada – so narrow you can touch both sides of the street with your outstretched arms.

We stop off at E. A. Morris, the Tabacconist, and some other wonderful specialty shops that have been here for decades.

There’s a marker where Fort Victoria was built in the 1840s.

Then we wander down to the harbor to see some of the boats that are here for the Swiftsure race.

The grand and stately Empress (now a Fairmont hotel) is here, along with the Parliament buildings. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, so this is the heart of its provincial government.

Victoria is also home to the Mile Zero marker of the Trans Canada Highway.

Victoria is lovely….and we really enjoy our time here, mostly because of Al land Lucie. They are the nicest people and spoil us rotten.  A few ciders, a few Ceasars (like a Bloody Mary but better), some delish food and several great conversations….and to top it off Lucie suggests we try one of the local treats, a Nanaimo bar.  So we stop in at a bakery for one to share…and it’s plenty of sweet to last me a while.

Thanks so much , Al and Lucie, for a spectacular time in Victoria….looking forward to seeing you again someday.

As an added bonus….when we were in Victoria we got to meet a new moto friend.  Dar and I had been communicating via Twitter and blogs, etc.  And finally I got to meet THE Princess Scooter Pie in person!  What a treat.  She stopped by Al and Lucie’s house one evening during what I know was a busy week for her, so we could chat for a bit.  She was riding a Honda (and I’m sorry to say I’ve forgotten the model) with what she referred to as a “frunk” or front trunk that was actually big enough to stow her helmet in when she was away from the bike.  I think it might have been the coolest thing I’ve ever seen on a bike.  If you get the chance, check out her incredible blog.  She’s an inspiring moto woman who teaches motorcycle safety courses, does some great blogging and supporting of women and motorcycles, and has a new video project going with Farkle Garage which I’m looking forward to checking out.

Thank you, Dar, for coming over to see us.  I really enjoyed meeting you! xoxo, M



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