Heading across Montana to Horizons Unlimited

There’s a Horizons Unlimited meeting coming up soon. And I’m excited to go and see friends made in the past few years through my travels. Brian and I plan to spend a week or two riding and camping in Montana on our way there.

We spend our first night at Red Shale near Ashland, Montana, in a beautiful free campsite. 
And the next day we move further west, crossing the baking hot plains of eastern Montana as quickly as we can. That night we camp at Hyalite Canyon just outside Bozeman.


And the next day we ride to Virginia City, where we camp early and then walk into this old western town for a peek. Many of the buildings are restored and have displays of what they would have looked like in their hey days. I really enjoy the wander.









 A storm rolls in from the mountains to our west but doesn’t stay long, and in its wake it leaves a gorgeous sunset. 


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  1. Awesome pics 🙂 Love the look of old American towns 🙂

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