Horizons Unlimited – Canada West 2015

We cross into BC and spend a night in Nelson, our last indoors for a week or so. And the following day we ride to Ainsworth Hot Springs to meet other riders, friends, who will be coming in from Calgary. We can’t wait to see them! We settle in at a site and go for a chilly swim in Kootenay Lake before anyone else gets there. 

We have a pot luck dinner for the group out of everyone’s panniers – beef in a bag, curry in a hurry and pannier pasta. 

The next day we ride through Kaslo, stopping for breakfast and a peek at the paddle boat, and then on to Sandon, a ghost town.  Eventually we make it to Nakusp and find our way to camp. Getting here a day early gives us a chance to scout out good camp sites. 

And so begins an incredible three plus days with friends, old and new, and some incredible motorcycle travel stories.

Horizons Unlimited is a fantastic website and resource for anyone considering overland travel by car, truck, bicycle or motorcycle. And these meetings provide classes and slideshows of other travel stories to inspire you. Nearly 350 people make this years Canada West meet, incredible! 

I presented two slideshows I put together, one on the last two years of travels and the other on tips for other travelers planning to go into Latin America. And I don’t pass out once! Ok, well, I did get sentimental about all the generosity I received after my accident and cried a bit, but I still consider them successful. 

Looking forward to next year!   

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  1. Wonderful some great pictures, good times and amazing friends the things that are truly important in our life , thank you

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