Heading home from Horizons Unlimited

After a fantastic few nights with friends, it’s time to head home. We pack up on Sunday morning and head back south to Balfour to catch a ferry across the lake and ride south and east to Creston and then on toward Idaho and Montana.  
We stop for a short break in Creston and meet a lovely local rider, Vern, who has been riding for 64 years. Incredible! We sit and chat for a bit before we have to move on. I would have loved to talk to him more.

We get as far as Yaak River Campground just over the border from Idaho into Montana before we settle in for the night. There’s a bear warning on at camp, and the air is heavy with smoke from forest fires.  

The next day we follow the Yaak River Road north and east, making our way to Glacier National Park.
I love Glacier NP. Even with all the smoke, this place is stunning.

After a homemade dinner at Johnsons, a 65 year old restaurant at St. Mary, and a good nights rest, we ride on toward Billings to see friends Brian met in his travels four years ago….a super nice couple and their great kids and tank of a Pitbull.

On the way, Brian crosses into six figures territory on his odometer. The Bike With No Name has made it 100,000 miles with no engine problems and its original front brake pads. All that is a testament to Brian’s mechanic skills and his dedication to preventative maintenance on his bike. He’s been able to keep mine purring along to nearly 60,000 miles with any problems too. 

  We pass through a lot of construction and spend I don’t know how long waiting for pilot cars, and ride more than 30 miles behind them in various spots across Montana. 
After a fantastic dinner and good conversation with Kelly and Tyler in Billings, we push on home toward South Dakota. We have friends who will be arriving and hopefully staying with us a few days. They are a couple, two chefs, who we met in Mexico. One morning Dan stopped by and left a note on our bikes while we were staying with Ken and Carol Duval in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. It said something like – hello fellow Moto friends! Stop by my restaurant and say hello.

And that was the start of three days (more for Ken and Carol and Lisa and Simon Thomas), of great food, a few cocktails and many hilarious conversations and stories. We had a beach bbq at Lisa and Simons followed by star gazing.

They took off on their own Moto adventure earlier this year and have just come south from Alaska. It will be wonderful to see them.

Brian and I ride from Billings to Alzada before a short lunch break and then carry on home.
This was a great trip!

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  1. What a tip – totally amazing photos – stunning! Emma 🙂

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