A water carrier and a double door

We settle into a cute Air BnB room for the night just west of Poole and enjoy a nice dinner at a local inn. In the morning we add a couple of quick stops to the days itinerary, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door, after having read about them in the guestbook where we stayed for the night.

The cove is a beautiful natural small bay seated deep in the high cliff walls like it’s in a well. Although it’s quiet here this morning, the number of cafes, inns and pubs give away the fact that this must be a very popular place.


After a quick peek we drive further on to park and hike in for a look at Durdle Door (Durdle is the Saxon word for door, so the name translates as door door). This “door” is a great natural rock archway.

Then off to the main show for the day, the Tank Museum at Bovington. And it’s absolutely incredible. Turns out a tank is named “tank” because it reminded some of the developers during WWI of a water carrier but the English didn’t like the connotation of “WC” (aka toilet) so they called it a tank, another name for a water carrier.


I’m overwhelmed by all the history here. England really knows how to keep the tourists entertained.


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  1. Awesome – It makes me miss the UK bigtime. Questions: Did you have chips? How was the beer? Was that the real Fury? Nice post 🙂 Keep having fun:)

    • Thanks so much. Yes. Excellent. And yes. Wink. I’ve had chips a few times, much better than home. Beer has all been good, and so is the cider. The museum helped in the making of the movie and did use their tanks (more than one, but the one in the Fury Exhibit is still in its “makeup” from the movie) to make it.

  2. Neat place Lulworth, used to camp (illegally as we found out) on the east side of the bay, I think someone complained about my mate towing logs through the woods with his Kawasaki 650… We were bulding a raft. The police left a polite notice on one of our tents asking us to leave 😀 Thanks for the awesome trip down memory lane!

  3. No worries, I might make it to Sturgis one day, its on the bucket list 🙂

  4. As you were at Bovington (brilliant) you were almost certainly on the road that TE Lawrence crashed on his Brough Superior -(super fast bike in its day)- while avoiding kids. It led to the legend’s death. Just useless info’ hovering in my head..

  5. Can’t wait to see it for myself! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Cool museum…love the tank that looks like a motorcycle (sort of) 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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