“Come to beautiful Croatia”

Imagine the Count from Sesame Street for a moment and try to recall his recognizable deep-for-a-muppet Transylvanian voice and accent. Instead of slowly counting off single-digit numbers, he hypnotically croons to you the slow syllables “Come to beautiful Croatia”.

As my bestie and I toured Spain with a rental car several years ago, that is what we heard over and over on radio and television ads. And although we usually giggled at “the Counts” voice, the message apparently stuck. In the years since we have laughed over this small shared memory. And in that way, Croatia has stayed in our minds and somewhere on our “someday” list.

Finally, as fate would have it, we are on our way. Our guide for the day, Elvis, met us at the airport as he collected the other tour passengers. Sharon and Heathers subscriptions to multiple discount and bargain tour operator and travel websites has borne fruit…this time in the form of a ten-day trip to Croatia and a few other places. As soon as they invited me the words popped into my mind…Come to Beautiful Croatia.


First stop, Opatiya, a lovely seaside town. And although it looks like it must be a very busy place in summer, we have come in the off season. I much prefer the absence of the crowds, and we luck out and enjoy beautiful and unseasonably warm weather.


We settle into our hotel and have a nice dinner. Then off to the Istrian Peninsula the next day.

We head to Pula to see it’s incredibly well-preserved Roman Coliseum made of local white limestone. This town, which ivnever even heard of sadly, turns out to be a beauty.

We wander through the old town and to the Temple of Roman and Augustus.

Then the tour carries on its clockwise route around the peninsula to Rovinj. It’s a beautiful old town with a towering hill on a small peninsula at the end of the village. A large cathedral is perched on top, celebrating the Saint Euphemia. We make the climb up and then enjoy a relaxing beverage on the back lawn of the basilica and enjoy the sunny afternoon.

So far, Croatia is beautiful!

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