Zadar and Split, Croatia

Our tour leads us along the dramatic Adriatic coast to the city of Zadar. We pass a marker telling us when we cross the 45th parallel.  And we stop at a roadside cafe decorated with stuffed animals for a lunch of goulash and beer.

Then on to Zadar where we visit the ruins of a Roman forum and wander through the narrow cobblestones streets of the old city. 


Our guide has told us about an incredibly designed creation that is special to Zadar…the Sea Organ. We walk down to the waterfront to “see” it.  Tee hee.

The waves of the sea hit the sea wall and push water into a cavern under the walkway. The rising water quickly forces air out of the organ vents making a beautiful soft music. It’s ingenious and I love it.

And just a little further up the walkway is the Greeting to the Sun, a solar energy collection panel that uses the energy to display colorful digital light shows each night.

Then off to Split for the night and a fun group dinner in a small fishing village. The octopus salad starter was amazing.


  In the morning we tour the old city of Split and the incredible Palace of Diocletian.

Every day just gets better!

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  1. The sea organ and solar light display, brilliant! 🙂 And everything else it cool too!

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