Across Croatia to Zagreb

We have crossed Croatia, at least nearly, from its northern border with Slovenia to its southern border with Bosnia-Herzegovina. And no we will cross this narrow coastal country as we make our way back north to the capital city, Zagreb. It will take us a full day of travel by bus to get there. But we have enough time to stop at Etnoland along the way and see a recreation of a Croatian farm.


A lovely woman, who has built this place with her husband, is dressed in typical clothing from the late 1800s and guides us through the rooms and tools of this farm. Then we have a traditional meal of roast lamb, chicken and potatoes and cabbage and fresh baked bread. We have a small taste of walnut brandy after lunch and then head further up the highway. Being the descendant of farmers with an interest in agriculture, I have really enjoyed this glimpse into what life would have been like here all those years ago.

And on we go.

And finally we arrive in Zagreb. It’s a beautiful city, filled with museums and a large university. We wi d our way through some of the oldest parts of the city, past shrines and statues, making our way to the city’s beautiful cathedral. We only have part of a day here before moving on. Today we will cross into Slovenia.

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