Seed of Happiness #1 – Writing a book

30,000 words and counting as of the turn of the calendar.  And I’m excited about it. Some of them practically pour out of me and jump onto the page while others hide in the darkest and deepest corners of my mind, forcing me to drag them out into the light. I’ve never done anything like this and am having a hard time getting consistent about my writing…the time, the flow, the voice I use,etc. I drew up an outline this summer and have doodled a few notes and ideas here and there. And I started working on an actual manuscript in July but travel plans interrupted me this fall for nearly three months. The start of my new job in early December kept me too busy to pick it up again. That is until about two weeks ago.

My brain had been bubbling away with ideas and words for weeks and I literally felt like I had so sit down and write some things down or I might explode. So one weekend I holed up in my room with my dinosaur of a laptop and seventy-two cups of tea…well, maybe not that many….and I finally put those words down and got some instant relief for my bursting mind.  More than 10,000 words, in fact. I’m told that’s a lot, but who’s to say any of them will actually stay.

It’s a start though, and I’m happy. My journals, which were intended to serve as my written memory and reference guide, are helping me to relive some incredible moments of my trip in vivid detail.  Although weeding through them is its own mammoth chore. I wrote something in the neighborhood of 1.3 million words over the course of my two years of journaling.  What I lack in quality, I apparently try to make up for with quantity. I have no idea when, or if, I will get it finished, and for now, that’s ok. I’m just playing with words and paper like some people do with paint or clay. My plan for any possible writers block is to follow Hemingway’s words – “Write drunk, edit sober.” Thank you for that one, Brian.

Fingers crossed it will turn out to be anything worth reading. I hope I can do justice to the experiences I had and the incredible people I was lucky enough to meet along the way.

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  1. Looking forward to your finish line… where ever that may be… 😉

  2. I love this! I am going to adopt this as my method as well, that is if and when I start writing again, lol.

    “My plan for any possible writers block is to follow Hemingway’s words – “Write drunk, edit sober.”

    Thank you, Michelle and congratulations on getting started!

    PS: I also hope to adopt the travel journal idea…I didn’t journal anything on our trip out west this past summer and now I am sorry. I have the journal, just didn’t open it. Hummmm…

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